WILHJA creates under the lead words alternative luxe that manifest through dedicated craftmanship and a curiosity for unorthodox materials. In the borderland for expressive fashion or wearable art, we provide what we like to call custom fit solutions for our customers, where it may be bespoke garments for a private client or a fully designed and executed concept for an organisation. Located in a small town, Wilhelmina, in Lapland, Sweden, we believe that creating high fashion statements from a remote northen wilderness give our creations an exclusivness not to be found anywhere else.Through our work we would like to celebrate the force of our will. How we want to express our self. What we wish to create and what we want to wear – an exclusive visual expression of experimental elegance and with the outmost importance for us, a better world for our fellow animals with nature perserving.

Instagram: @wilhja
Website: www.wilhja.com


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