Rachel Baiocco

Rachel Baiocco, American born and raised, is a self proclaimed lover of all animals. She has always had a severe love for dogs and she used that passion to bring awareness to abused and neglected pets during her reign as Miss Delaware USA.

Since her time competing for the title of Miss USA in 2013, she has met the love of her life, shark attack survivor, Paul de Gelder. She made the gigantic move to Australia and has had nothing but adventure ever since. Paul was lucky enough to partner up with Australia Zoo as a Wildlife Warrior ambassador and that really brought on Rachel’s passion for wildlife conservation, after seeing the beautiful animals there and the way the Irwin family cares for them. Since arriving in Australia she has also earner her dive certification and has had the pleasure of diving Julian Rocks, the Great Barrier Reef and many other places around Sydney. Being in this huge, foreign, underground world gave her a whole new appreciation for our oceans and its wildlife that many people tend to forget about. Also, being around the motivational powerhouse that is her boyfriend 24/7, gives her the reminder she needs that there are bigger issues in the world, and there is always something we can do to help.


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