Helena Blomljus

Helena is a Swedish artist as born on June 18, 1965 in Alingsås. She’s an internal designer who loves to create and transform environments that gives you a wow-feeling. With her colors and shapes, she has a passion for creating art from recycled materials. She wants to create a total experience where you get a feeling of wellbeing
and peace.

Helena has had numerous solo exhibitions, including in New York and Saint Barth.She has been a part of creating Åsa retirement home to an exceptionally beautiful accommodation for the elderly, to pay homage to the older and put a silver lining on their existence. Her vision is to continue with it – it should be wow to live.

In June 2015, she created the elephant Galadriel – the queen of light. It is gold colored with Indian influences to symbolize that it is worth their weight in gold and also pays homage to the endangered Asian elephants


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