Storm, Craig, Jytte, Cruise, Wilder

The Wild Family Fredholm Ferreira

Proud ambassadors of The Perfect World Foundation

Family Fredholm Ferreira has a long history and passion for wildlife and conservation.

Jytte is a dedicated wildlife photographer with an unusual angle, as she communicates with the animals in the wild in conjunction with her photography.  She wishes relay emotions and messages from the wild animals with the aim of building bridges between them and us, thus creating awareness of animals and their environment though her communicative photographs as well as though public speaking. Jytte has been involved with conservation for the past 25 years and together with Craig, one of the foremost White Shark experts in the world, they have spent years working on research projects, educating the public about the need to protect and save our extraordinary oceans, the sharks as Apex predators and the vulnerable ecosystems within. Craig has worked on various shark projects across the globe, authored several books and is an engaging public speaker. Storm 21 is an absolute environmentalist with a great vision of creating a better world for himself and coming generations, through futuristic science and changing of attitudes. He is leading the way by example.  His motto is : Plant seeds: little seeds of awareness and literal seeds of indigenous vegetation.  He is ambassador of Change and student awareness. Cruise 19 is passionate about the ocean and the life within it. He has spent countless hours fishing, tagging and measuring the fish and the sharks along the South African coastline at the same time as creating awareness within the fishing community about the plight of the ocean and the dangers of overfishing as well as using unethical fishing methods. Wilder 17, is a great animal lover, he will always go that extra mile to save an animal in need and fend for the vulnerable and exposed. There is enough love and compassion in wilders heart to embrace all living creatures.

The family as a whole and separately, has been part of number of documentaries featured on BBC, Nat Geographic, Discovery, Pro Sieben, Kika network, Animal Planet, SVT to name but a few.





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