Amanda och Johan Elmander

Amanda & Johan Elmander

The couple Amanda and Johan Elmander are the founders of Skönhetsfabriken Gothenburg. They both have a genuine interest in the health and well-being both in terms of people – and our environment. Amanda has a background as a nurse and she now shoulders the CEO role with a holistic approach to wellness. With Skönhetsfabriken she wants to prevent illness and continue to develop her health concept. Johan has nearly 100 games with the Swedish national football team and he has plays in most of the big leagues in Europe, known for his hard-working efforts and ability to always run the extra mile. He is now reunited with his mother club Öis, where his story began. As ambassadors for “The Perfect World Foundation” Amanda and Johan supports the work and encourage more people to fight for a prosperous ocean and healthier environment. “Our goal is everyone’s future, to safeguard the earth’s natural resources – for us and our future generations.”


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