Our ambition is that our social network or communication platform, in 5 years is “finished”. A platform will of course never be finished, but the basics for management and working with new innovations in IT communications is pretty much there. If we manage to get between 10,000 to 100,000 active users and a few million visitors per year, we believe that these figures are a very realistic attainable goal which we have set for ourselves.what_tpw

In 10 years, our ambition is that it will be the natural choice among networks involving animal and nature issues. As we after 5 years hope to achieve 100,000 active users and a couple of million visitors per year, the ambition is that after 10 years from now we will have millions of users, and 10 times a million visitors per year. The network will be the absolute natural meeting place for everybody who wants to know more, or get more involved, in animals and nature issues.