About The Perfect World Foundation:

The Perfect World Foundation is a Swedish based non-profit independent organization, established in 2010 to raise awareness, funding, and to take action together with animal and nature conservation projects around the world. Funds are raised through supporting membership, donations and different events.


Donated Funds:

Funds donated will go straight to the specific animal or nature organisation for which the money is raised, and can be followed each step of the way, if required. The mission is to be completely transparent with where your money goes. Furthermore The Perfect World Foundation is governed by The Swedish Fundraising Control (90-konto / 90-account), which means that there is high demands on the organization and its transparency.


Raised Funds:

The funds raised will be used to support a number of awareness campaigns and organisations working with wildlife and conservation of rhinos and elephants. The result from the yearly conference and workshop, together with the suggestions from The Perfect World Foundation´s Advisory Board, will be guidelines for The Perfect World Foundation’s Board of Directors’ final decisions.


Some of the nominees during 2014 are:

– Elephant Family

– Imire Wildlife and Rhino Conservation

– The Jane Goodall Institute

– The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

– Wildlife Direct & Hands off Our Elephants

– Big Life Foundation

– Animal Asia Foundation