The Perfect World Foundation have donated USD 70.000 to protect wildlife in the borderland between Kenya and Tanzania.



Time is running out for Africa’s wildlife. The threats are greater than they ever have been before, particularly for species with high-value body parts such as elephant and rhino. Big Life Foundation is committed to protecting wildlife across an area of more than 2 million acres. They operates in the Amboseli-Tsavo ecosystem of southern Kenya, and north-western Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania.

The philosophy is simple:

To provide conservation-related benefits to the communities around us is the only strategy to long term hope of sucess to fundamentally change attitudes and behaviours in favour of wildlife protection.

The Perfect world foundation will help and support Big Life Foundation by supporting the activities of their community ranger network. This includes funding of ranger salaries and incentives, food rations and field equipment, and logistical support, all of which are essential for the rangers’ wildlife protection activities. The organisation is now employing 260 rangers from local communities, and creating a team of over 360 people that will protect the wildlife.

The cumulative impact of this employment is enormous and has already changed the socio-economic balance to provide an incentive for wildlife protection. An extensive network of informers within the community mean that poachers are unlikely to kill undetected.

Thanks to all TPW´s sponsors and donors we are now able to make this happen! THANK YOU ALL


The risk of poaching is higher than it has ever been before! The rangers will operate from remote outposts located across the ecosystem, providing extensive coverage by regular foot and vehicle patrols. Tracker dogs and aerial support are always on standby. Operations on both sides of the border mean that there is no longer a place for poachers to run to anymore!



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