Ragnhild (Rags) Jacobsson CEO and Co-Founder


Ragnhild (Rags) loves animals and is 100% dedicated to her mission which is to help and save the lives of animals all over the world. She is a true animal rights fighter and a social entrepreneur.


Sebastian Sandberg CFO


Sebastian Sandberg is the financial manager for The Perfect World Foundation which he sees as a very rewarding job. “To see all the good things we do is amazing! It is truly wonderful to work with so … Continued


Axel Rydholm

Volunteering administrator

I am devoted to nature and wildlife. I took my PADI certificate a few years ago and the world below the surface is truly magical. During my journeys I have encountered many passionated conservationist … Continued

Mats Säterberg

Mats Säterberg The Perfect Laywer

The Perfect Lawyer

Mats has particular experience in the areas of litigation, insolvency law and insurance law and general business law.


Maria Book The ”OceanWildlife” blog.

Is working for The Perfect World. She is very passionated about everything concering our underwater world! Her love for ocean began at an early age, growing up in Saudi Arabia next to the Red Sea. At … Continued


Maria Book

Is working for The Perfect World. She is very passionated about everything concering our underwater world! Her love for ocean began at an early age, growing up in Saudi Arabia next to the Red Sea. At … Continued

Jan Westin

Jan Westin Scientific Director

PhD in zoology

Jan is  the Scientific Director and Zoologist of Universeum, Swedens biggest scientific center.


Darren Andrew Whitehead

Whale Shark Biologist

Member of the board at the Whale Shark Research Project Baja California, Mexico. He has spent the last 6 years working hands on with whale sharks at a number of unique and challenging aggregation site … Continued


Darren Andrew Whitehead

Whale Shark Biologist

Styrelseledamot i Whale Shark Research Project Baja California, Mexiko. Han har tillbringat de senaste 6 åren med att arbeta “hands on” med valhajar på ett antal unika och utmanande platser runt om i … Continued

Volker Bassen

Volker Bassen

Founder East Afrikan Whales Shark Trust

He is a highly trained scuba diving professional with 43 individual specialty courses completed in both PADI and SSI. Originally from Gothenburg, Sweden, Volker has opened 18 scuba diving schools in K … Continued

emma casagrande

Emma Casagrande

Born in Sweden, traveled to East Africa in 2007 and met very very randomly the love of my life, National Geographic cinematographer Andy Brandy Casagrande IV. All surrounded by the lions, hyenas & … Continued

emma casagrande

Emma Casagrande

Född i Sverige, reste till Östafrika 2007 och träffade mycket slumpmässigt mitt livs kärlek, National Geographic-fotografen Andy Brandy Casagrande IV. Allt omgivet av lejon, hyenor och giraffer i Sere … Continued

Daniel Wilke

Daniel Wilke Press Team

PR & Communication

Daniel is an adventurer who loves to travel. He is very passionate about saving our planet and are working with the “pen” as a weapon to change the world. Daniel has during his career helped hundreds … Continued

Mikaela Szabo

Mikaela Larsson CEO Assistant

Social Media

Mikaela is a true animal friend and very dedicated to help animals in any crises. Team member since the early start and believe that together we have the power to change the world. She’s working with … Continued

Mikaela Szabo

Mikaela Larsson

Social Media

Mikaela is a true animal friend and very dedicated to help animals in any crises. Team member since the early start and believe that together we have the power to change the world. She’s working with … Continued


Rachel Baiocco


Rachel Baiocco, American born and raised, is a self proclaimed lover of all animals. She has always had a severe love for dogs and she used that passion to bring awareness to abused and neglected pets … Continued

Paul De Gelder

Paul de Gelder

Ex Australian Army Paratrooper & Australian Navy Clearance Diver shark attack survivor Author No Time for Fear ASN sponsored motivational speaker & TV presenter. Paul de Gelder lost a leg and … Continued



Honorable Ambassador

Born Tim Bergling on 8 September 1989 in Sweden, Avicii began remixing and producing tracks in his own bedroom at the age of 18. “Growing up with older siblings, I’ve also had loads of different influ … Continued


Camilla Jönsson

For the last ten years Camilla has had the pleasure of working for some of the world’s leading hair brands, traveling extensively, demonstrating cutting edge styles and educating thousands of people a … Continued


Urban Swenning

The first you find in his work is the passion for colours together with a playful relationship with various forms and expressions. Photography is combined with acrylic and pencil in order to portrait … Continued

Lars Thunebo bild

Lars Tunebo

Has been an artist for the last 25 years with a variety of material in his artwork, such as photo, glass, oil, mosaic and bronze. His expression is very colourful and he has a passion for bringing out … Continued


Peter Apelgren

He is truly a multi-talented artist, having had tremendous success both as painter, but also as comedian and TV personality. He was educated at the art academy in Florence and has since then produced … Continued


Amos Njoroge Njege Our Rhino Expert in Kenya

Rhino Expert

Amos is a hunting trackers son turned conservationist! Amos Njoroge Njege is today The Perfect World Foundation´s Rhino expert and a head guide, only working for the most exclusive safari operators in … Continued


Vincent Edmond Louis

A French artist with exhibitions around the world such as in New York, Monaco, Paris, Mumbai, Stockholm etc. Has the talent to push photography to another level in the art world, the future is definit … Continued


Stefanie Schneider

Stefanie Schneider is a German photographer living in Berlin and Los Angeles. Schneider’s photographic work exploits the distinctive appearance of expired Polaroid instant film. Her photographs are en … Continued


Peter Wahlbäck

Peter Wahlbäck, born on January 24 1963, is a Swedish painter, comedian, author and actor. Since the 80’s he has been very active as painter and been part of many solo and group exhibitions.



Krisjan Rossouw is a South African photographer based in Cape Town where he was born and raised. His art has a fantastic combination of wonderful colours and very expressive settings. His art is sold … Continued


Kurt Karlsson

He has during the last 30 years been focusing on nature photography and the work has been exhibited as far away as Shanghai.

Julian Lennon

Julian Lennon

John Charles Julian Lennon (born 8 April 1963) is a British artist. He is the only child of John Lennon and Cynthia Powell (his father’s first wife). The Beatles’ manager, Brian Epstein, was his godfa … Continued


Jacob Felländer

Renowned as one of the leading Swedish Photo artists with an extensive record of successful exhibitions around the world. His latest show will open at the largest Photo Gallery in the World “Camera Wo … Continued

Skärmavbild 2014-09-01 kl. 11.42.47

Frank af Petersens

Professional photographer with a background in photojournalism and editorial work. Since 2009 almost exclusively focused on his own projects and exhibitions of fine art photography. His main professio … Continued


Vanja Durutovic

After 20 years in the fashion industry she decided to focus on art photography. She has a passion for using new techniques and mix material in order to create her desired expression in the work.


Camilla Le May

Camilla Le May’s sculptures are bought by collectors worldwide, including being acquired for a Royal collection. She has won awards from the British Sporting Art Trust & Society of Wildlife Artist … Continued


Cai Guangbin

Cai Guangbin is a professor in Art College of University of Shanghai, professional artist of Chinese Painting Institute of Shanghai and syndic of Shanghai Artists Association, was born in 1963. He is … Continued


Alexander Klingspor

Stockholm-born, New York-based realist figurative painter Alexander Klingspor’s vision begins in the unforgiving darkness of the long Scandinavian winter. Call it Nordic neo-noir, or perhaps a variety … Continued

Ulf Berggren

Ulf Berggren Save “The Rhino 2014”

Loved soul music since he heard Dionne Warwick first time. Started Club Soul Train in the late 90’s, where the club was housed with full houses every Wednesday for eight years. When he is allowed to c … Continued

Terry Spicer

Terry Spicer “Save The Rhino 2014”

Terry Spicer, Owner of “Dreamworld Entertainment” and creator of “The Young Voices” program is originally from the United States and now living in Gothenburg Sweden. Terry has worked in the entertainm … Continued

Cathrin Strandberg

Cathrin Strandberg “Save The rhino 2014”

Cathrin is a singer who started his career at Cabaret Goteborg 1997-2000. Since then she has freelanced and produced small and large productions for companies around Sweden o Europe. Participated in t … Continued


Shawn Heinrichs

Is an Emmy Award winning cinematographer, photographer, and marine conservationist. He has worked with leading journalist and film teams including CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Yann Arthus Bertrand, and Nati … Continued

erik Blix

Erik Blix

Eric Blix has worked on radio and TV. He is mainly known from the radio show Danger Radio with Stefan Livh and through radio figure Ernst (Lucidor) von Schinkel (a parody of gossip journalism), and te … Continued


Elisabeth Rippe

Elisabeth is famous for her fantastic art illustarting the Swedish west coast, “The front side of Swden”. Elisabeth has also been painting one of the Rhinos that have been decorating the town of Gothe … Continued


Nick Brandt Art Contributor

Nick Brandt is an English photographer who photographs exclusively in Africa, one of his goals being to record a last testament to the wild animals and places there before they are destroyed at the ha … Continued


Wu Lintian

Wu Lintian was born in Haimen, Jiangsu province in 1969, and now lives in Shanghai. Wu is an abstract artist who is also engaged in the research on Chinese painting. During the past several years, Wu … Continued



Patric Ullaeus and Björn Johansson have joined forces to create new body of work that is both unexpected and exciting: RockART. Drawing inspiration from Rock music and Pop Art, Patric and Björn’s work … Continued


Qu Fenggou

QU Fengguo is an artist born in 1966 Thin Liaoning in China. He has a very unique style and is popular among collectors and his work has already been sold at auction for well above USD 11.000


Pan Wei

Pan Wei is a Chinese visual artist situated in Shanghai where he is part of a very successful group of artists from this region. Several works by the artist have been sold at auction and has reached l … Continued


Irina Miccoli

Irina Miccoli was born in a town in South Urals Russia called Chelyabinsk where she attended a prestigious art school in her teenage years. Since she moved to South Africa Irina has been painting on C … Continued


Christin Björk

Her passion and never ending curiosity for oil painting and the challenge in this craft has led her to where she is today. She is represented in art collections around the world and has recently ended … Continued

Chen Qiang

Chen Qiang

Chen Qiang is a contemporary Chinese painter best known for his “dot paintings.” Abstract and hallucinatory, his paintings act as Rorschach tests for viewers, who project their own responses onto them … Continued


Antti Ekström

Antti Ekström’s artwork is eclectic and diverse, he is dynamic and is constantly seeking new ways to express himself. He works in styles from classical realist art to modern contemporary art. He is ed … Continued

Carolina Gynning

Carolina Gynning

Her signum is very colourful portraits and personal in prints from her private life. The motives are often women she meets or women that lives inside her. A common stream in her work is that they crea … Continued

Agneta Gynning

Agneta Gynning Rhino Ambassador 2014

Agneta Gynning is sculpting her work in various material such as bronze, marble and rubber. She is connecting both classic and modern influences. Her first exhibition was in 1995 and has since then be … Continued

Fredrick Federley

Fredrick Federley

Fredrick Folke Federley, born May 6, 1978 in Köping in Västmanland, is a Swedish Centre Party politician. He was between October 2002 and May 2007 Chair of the Centre Party Youth League (CUF). In 2006 … Continued

Jenny Lunddal

Jenny Lundahl


jessica folcker

Jessica Folcker “Save The Rhino 2014”

Jessica Elisabeth Angelique Folcker Heckscher, Folcker born July 9, 1975 in Täby, Stockholm County, is a Swedish, platinum-selling, pop / R & B singer, songwriter, music composer and a model also … Continued

ana bild

Anastasiya Yakunina “Save The Rhino 2014”

Is a very colourful and impressive artist from Southern Africa, having the potential to be one of the leading artist from this region. Africa is definitely the next emerging region for collectable art … Continued


Robert Kronberg

Robert Kronberg is Sweden’s best male 110m hurdler of all time. It was 18 years old at the World Athletics JVM in Lisbon, where Kronberg was close to the final, which he first realized that he should … Continued


Antoinette Nilsson

The Perfect Worlds Team Member on the French Riviera.

marie ericsson

Marie Ericsson

Project Development

Andy Brandy

Andy Brandy Casagrande IV.

Andy Brandy Casagrande IV aka (ABC) is an Emmy Award winning cinematographer, field producer & television presenter specializing in blue-chip wildlife documentaries around the world. From King Cob … Continued


Lena Ranehag

Television media and writer. I have been working for many years as a medium in various TV programs in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Course teacher, healer, and intuitive energy interpreter in  my own bu … Continued


Anneli Grip & Ulrika Dybler

Event & Marketing

Peter Sköld

Peter Sköld

Is an artist with a very colourful expression that gives a long lasting feeling of joy and happiness. Using both metal and canvas combined with his special oil paint, he has been exhibited as far away … Continued

Stefan Andersson

Stefan Andersson

Stefan Andersson, born 8 August 1967 in Haga and raised in Västra Frölunda, Gothenburg, is a Swedish singer, songwriter and guitarist.

Stefan Sauk

Stefan Sauk Rhino Ambassador 2014

Stefan Sauk, originally Wernström, born June 6, 1955 in Stockholm, is a Swedish actor. Sauk had his breakthrough in “Temporary suspension” which was a feature of satire program lorry in the early 1990 … Continued

Alexandra Zazzi

Alexandra Zazzi

Celebrity Ambassador

Alexandra Maria Paula Louise Jademyr Zazzi, born June 7, 1966, and grew up in Genoa, Italy, is a Swedish chef and journalist. She is also the first female winner of the reality show Survivor. Zazzi ha … Continued

Jan Rippe

Jan Rippe

During his youth, Jan Rippe was a active competition swimmer and participated in several DM and SM. During his studies at Chalmers University of Technology, he was a member of Elektroteknologsektionen … Continued

Martin Stenmarck

Martin Stenmarck Honorable Ambassador

Martin Olof Jon Stenmarck, born October 3, 1972 in Täby, Stockholm County, is a Swedish singer grew up in Örebro with eleven siblings. He has musical roots. His grandmother was Julie Bernby and his gr … Continued

Ernst Billgren

Ernst Billgren Art Contributor “Save The Rhino 2014”

Without a doubt one of the most impressive and successful living artists in Scandinavia, having had a huge list of solo exhibitions and museum shows. His sales has reached over a million SEK at auctio … Continued

Joachim Hjerpe

Joachim Hjerpe

Head of Art

Elin Karvonen

Elin Karvonen


Caroline Nilsson

Caroline Nilsson

Caroline is a Swedish jewelry designer

Brass Brasset

Brass Brasset Conservation expert at Big 5 in South Africa

Level 2 Trails Guide in South Africa

Brass is working at Campfire Academy, is a part of the 65,000Hct. Balule Nature Reserve which in turn is incorporated in the Greater Kruger National Park. Brass mission is to educate people on the imp … Continued

Mia Skäringer

Mia Skäringer

Swedish actor and writer. Elisabeth Maria “Mia” Skäringer, Johansson born October 4, 1976 in Kristinehamn, [1] is a Swedish actress, screenwriter and radio profile. She wanted to be an actress when sh … Continued


Harald Treutiger Rhino Ambassador 2014

Harald Treutiger Nils Harald Ossian Treutiger (born June 5, 1956 in Gothenburg) is a Swedish television host who hosted Eurovision Song Contest 1992 in Sweden[1] after Carola Häggkvist winning in 1991 … Continued


Peter Pote

Peter Pote is a singer/songwriter and an international model from South Africa. He found love and relocated to the countryside in Sweden.


Sophia Djiobaridis

Programledare på uppdrag granskning  


Helena Blomljus

Helena is a Swedish artist as born on June 18, 1965 in Alingsås. She’s an internal designer who loves to create and transform environments that gives you a wow-feeling. With her colors and shapes, she … Continued


Fia Reisek

Fia Reisek is one of arm wrestlers from the village of Solitude in Storuman municipality in Lapland. Ludo is one of the world’s best arm wrestler in his weight class dual European Championship which l … Continued


Björn Persson

Is a wildlife photographer with a special passion for Africa. His love for this continent’s beautiful animals is reflected in his pictures. His work has been featured in National Geographic, Africa Ge … Continued


Jill Robinson

“It is with enormous pride to be an ambassador for The Perfect World Foundation – their name says it all, and together we are part of a new dawn of compassion and concern for a world that needs the he … Continued



Manuel has a background degree in marine biology and certified as an elite free diving instructor, his expertise in marine conservation issues and environmental monitoring offer an outstanding insight … Continued


Gabriella Bengtsson

Gabriella travelled to Kenya together with her family at a young age and this experience made a huge impression on her. Such an amazing culture and such beautiful nature! This became the starting poin … Continued


Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth, mission,to save as many animals on this planet as possible through strategic collaborations, engagement with policy makers, financial aid, hands on work in the field, education … Continued

Shannon Wild Leopard Lick

Shannon Wild

I’m an Australian wildlife photographer, author and presenter based in Africa and an official contributing photographer and cinematographer for WildAid.   One of my greatest motivations is to create i … Continued

Henry Brett Professional polo player

Henry Brett

Henry started playing polo professionally aged 17 with a handicap of 1 goal and since making that step became the the highest rated polo player of his generation in England reaching a handicap of 8. D … Continued

12696322_10154067244919258_878949446_o (1)

Julia Wheeler

Growing up in Australia’s wild west Julia’s natural courage, curiosity and compassion has lead her to explore the world, its people and amazing wildlife. A highly experienced and dedicated photographe … Continued

Carter and Olivia 10-15

Olivia & Carter Ries “One More Generation”

One More Generation (OMG) was founded in 2009 by 8 year old Carter Ries and 7 year old Olivia Ries. Carter and his Sister Olivia are both extremely passionate about animals and conservation. Following … Continued

CPataky headshot August 2014

Cassandra Pataky

Cassandra worked alongside Nobel Peace Laureate Dr. Wangari Maathai to build & run operations for the North America office of her nonprofit organization, The Green Belt Movement. Cassandra also la … Continued


Gabriel Lazar

Gabriel is the perfect world foundation own ninja. it’s not often you see him. He works in the shadow diligently with PR and branding, with the ninja power to save the rhinos!



Manuel has a background degree in marine biology and certified as an elite free diving instructor, his expertise in marine conservation issues and environmental monitoring offer an outstanding insight … Continued

Paul De Gelder

Paul de Gelder

Ex Australian Army Paratrooper & Australian Navy Clearance Diver shark attack survivor Author No Time for Fear ASN sponsored motivational speaker & TV presenter. Paul de Gelder lost a leg and … Continued

Alexandra Zazzi

Alexandra Zazzi

Celebrity Ambassador

Alexandra Maria Paula Louise Jademyr Zazzi, född 7 juni 1966, växte upp i Genoa, Italien, är en svensk kock och journalist. Hon är också den första kvinnliga vinnaren av dokusåpan Robinson. Zazzi har … Continued

Tom Busson

Tom Busson

Tom was born in Marseille, France in 1989. I love living with animals I have two cats now. We had lots of cats and dogs whilst I was growing up. Our first dog was called Chloé she lived to be 19 thats … Continued


Allison Lewis Account Manager at Twitter

I feel truly honored to join the group of incredible Ambassadors for The Perfect World Foundation. I am proud to be another voice in sharing the terrifying truth that there is a “Silent Extinction” ha … Continued


Mattias Bylund

Mattias Bylund is one of the most known musicians or band leaders in Sweden, and is behind many successful bands. Mattias has among other met with great success with his participation in the eurovisio … Continued


Charlotte Olsson

Behind Charlotte Olsson’s joyful paintings an important message is hidden. It’s all about using what already exist, and to be careful about the earth’s resources. From handmade laces, embroidery and f … Continued


Lars Hjälmered

Member of the Swedish Parliament.

Charles Summerfield aka "Rhinosaverz"

Charles Summerfield aka “Rhinosaverz”

Charles Summerfield aka “Rhinosaverz” has really dedicated his life to save our wildlife. He has been singing since he was 13 when he had his first television debut. From that moment on Charles has co … Continued

Dlkhosh Sandin

Dlkhosh Sandin Arts Team

Dlkhosh Sandin

Emma Lindgren

Emma Lindgren Press Team

Emma recently left the corporate world to pursue a dream of starting her own business. And ever since she stumbled upon The Perfect World Foundation at a dinner party in the end of 2015.. well.. she’s … Continued

Lars Jacobsson


Lars Jacobsson is co-founder and Chairman of The Perfect World Foundation, and has a background working successfully as an entrepreneur within the oil industry, when he in 2000 meet his wife and co-founder of The Perfect Word Foundation, Ragnhild “Rags” and decided to make a complete U-turn in life.


Ida Åberg

Email: ida_aberg@hotmail.com Instagram: abergida Webbpage: www.idaaberg.com

Santa Ni

Description of their organisation/company: They produce yoga wellness clothes, both swedish and ecologic Email adress: santini. Mail.com Instagram: santipetra Webbpage: www.santi.se


Louise Björnram

Björnram Millinery manufactures handmade hats and hairassosiarer to customers who wants to express their style using quality products. She uses traditional methods to create modern hats with a loads o … Continued



Carrie really enjoy what she does and hope that someone will enjoy wearing the unique bespoke masks she have created for this wonderful event. Email: cjenkinsonlive.co.uk Instagram: www.instagram.com/ … Continued


Christin Björk

Art by C.Bjork: She is a full-time artist who in addition to her own art, ie oil paintings in classic technique, also do a lot of portraits commissions. Though primarily she is concerned with searchin … Continued

Anna Kristina Bergman

Anna Kristina Bergman is a professional artist who primarily works with monumental paintings, artistic practical research and objects/sculptures. Website: anna-bergman.se


Alexander Woll

Who am I: I am a norwegian amateur-designer with a profound passion for the environment and the safety of ALL animals. As a proffesional hairstylist I am also deeply involved with Kevin.Murphy Instagr … Continued

lars wallin

Lars Wallin

Website: larswallin.com

ladda ned1

Richard Szedelyi

Mask artist who creates his masks in various materials and styles. He believes that everyone should have the chance to wear his creations. Masks for everyone! Instagram: rsz_mask Website: richardszede … Continued


Annica Zion

Photographer, designer, artist #Tiedyelove by A2 (dye design) Email: annicazion@gmail.com Instagram: annicazion Webbsite: annicazion.com  


Linn Stålberg

Swedish Horns was born with a vision to allow people to become part of the art. We exclude no-one and invite people to use our garments to embrace their own beauty. The concept of Swedish Horns is bas … Continued


Maria Rasmusson

My source of inspiration is primarily nature, light and water. I also find objects and places with a history inspiring. I use acrylics, aquarelle and mixed media. Website: mariahrart.se

Nicole Forssell

Nicole Forssell is an independent artist, focusing her creativity on anything that enchant her. Spell bound by different material her creative urge gan take many forms. Website: swedishhorns.com Insta … Continued


Simon Ekrelius

Instagram: simon_ekrelius Website: simonekrelius.com Short description of you/your company: Simon Ekrelius is a women R-T-W label based in London.


Pia Orrgren

The ambition is to make people wearing jewlery by Silverfabriken look beautiful at all occasions. Email address: pia@orrgren.se Instagram: silverfabrikengbg Website: http://www.silverfabrikengbg.se

Lise Disley

She is a milliner that makes hats for every occation :) Email: lise.disley@gmail.com Insagram: lissvhatt Webbpage: FB: Pricket över i:et, hattar och assesoarer.


Acky Ekchanock

Acky runs a contemporary clothing brand for both men and women. Defined by a combination of clean shapes with organic lines and cuts to create interesting details. Based in Stockholm. Email adress: ac … Continued

Nicole Forssell

Nicole Forssell is an independentartist, focusing her creativity on anything that enchant her. Spell bound by different material her creative urge gan take many forms. Company: Nicole Forssell Email A … Continued

ladda ned

Patricia Maja Andersen

Patricia Maja Andersen graduated design technologist from Copenhagen , supplemented with subjects studied at Central Saint Martins. She is also a trained diamond degrees from Antwerp . Patricia has pr … Continued



WILHJA creates under the lead words alternative luxe that manifest through dedicated craftmanship and a curiosity for unorthodox materials. In the borderland for expressive fashion or wearable art, we … Continued


Kevin Richardson

Kevin Richardson, known as “The Lion Whisperer”, is a South African animal behaviourist who has worked extensively with native animals of Africa.


Mio Guberinic

Mio Design Studio is an artisan  atelier  based in Brooklyn NYC. Who provides a variaty of artisan services by commission for a diverse range of comersial fashion, theatre, retail and advertising proj … Continued


Lena Pedersen

Creating fills Lena with joy, love and strength and its her aspiration that her art and her classes she gives can fill the recevier of her work with the same feeling. Company: Lena Pedersens Artwork E … Continued

29. profil

Kristin Bäckström

Kristin received her journeyman’s certificate as a milliner in 2009, after a two year study at Tillskärarakademin in Gothenburg. During the autumn of the same year she started working as a freelancer … Continued

Cecilia Kallin

Cecilia Kallin

Born in 1991 and raised on the countryside outside the small town Falköping, Sweden, Cecilia is a singer-songwriter and lead singer in the Swedish girl band Timoteij. Her music career began in 2010 wh … Continued

Cia Gislev Kuhlin

She works with textile printing. Design from the 50th made originally by her aunt Erna Gislev, who worked as chef designer of Mölnycke Textil in Gothenburg. Now in her own design under the brandname G … Continued

Alexa Cash

Alexa is designing and producing jewelry, accessories and wearable art in Providence, RhodeIsland. HOUSE OF CACH offers a sanctuary from the increasingly inescapable world of mass market fashion. The … Continued

Carolin Gahn

Gahn Fishing PR is a public relations agency specializing in genera ting buzz and press for emerging and established brands. Email:Carolina@gahnfishing.com or Carolina.gahn@gmail.com Instagram: Caroli … Continued


Pernilla Greek

Pernilla Greek Studios is a womenswear designer brand with a love for natural and luxurious materials. The Scandinavian heritage is visible in the clean lines and minimalistic approach throughout the … Continued


Weronica Ziemann

Company: WZ Jewellery AB Email: info@weronicaziemann.se Instagram: weronicaziemannjewellery (#wzjewellery) Website: www.weronicaziemann.se



Sarah, Duchess of York (Sarah Margaret; née Ferguson; born 15 October 1959) is a British writer, charity patron, public speaker, film producer and television personality. She is the former wife of Pri … Continued

Martin Goodwin

Martin Goodwin

Martin Goodwin   My interest in wildlife in general, and marine life in particural started in the early eighties when I learned Scuba diving as a teenager. I was totally fascinated and became pas … Continued

Martin Goodwin

Martin Goodwin

My interest in wildlife in general, and marine life in particural started in the early eighties when I learned Scuba diving as a teenager. I was totally fascinated and became passionate in every asepc … Continued

Amanda och Johan Elmander

Amanda & Johan Elmander

The couple Amanda and Johan Elmander are the founders of Skönhetsfabriken Gothenburg. They both have a genuine interest in the health and well-being both in terms of people – and our environment. Aman … Continued

Amanda and Johan Elmander

Amanda & Johan Elmander

The couple Amanda and Johan Elmander are the founders of Skönhetsfabriken Gothenburg. They both have a genuine interest in the health and well-being both in terms of people – and our environment. Aman … Continued

Storm, Craig, Jytte, Cruise, Wilder

The Wild Family Fredholm Ferreira

Proud ambassadors of The Perfect World Foundation Family Fredholm Ferreira has a long history and passion for wildlife and conservation. Jytte is a dedicated wildlife photographer with an unusual angl … Continued

Storm, Craig, Jytte, Cruise, Wilder

Family Fredholm Ferreira

Proud ambassadors of The Perfect World Foundation Family Fredholm Ferreira has a long history and passion for wildlife and conservation. Jytte is a dedicated wildlife photographer with an unusual angl … Continued

Ola Skinnarmo/Svalbard

Ola Skinnarmo

Ola Helmer Skinnarmo, född 31 maj 1972 i Nylöse församling,[1] är en svensk äventyrare. Han nådde som första svensk Sydpolen (solo, dock ej unsupported) i december 1998.[källa behövs] Skinnarmo begav … Continued

Taegen Yardley

Taegen Yardley

I became passionate about saving elephants in 2014, at the age of 11, when I was invited to help with a bake sale that was held during a screening of the documentary “Battle for the Elephants” at the … Continued



Team Anna http://www.teamannasailing.se/ Bild:Dan Ljungsvik

Martin Buzora

Martin Buzora

Martin Buzora is a filmmaker/photographer from Canada. His favourite type of people are animals. His lifelong dream is to one day be in a room filled with puppies. https://www.escapedapeproductions.co … Continued

Annelie Pompe

Annelie Pompe

Annelie Pompe is a professional adventurer and probably the highest and deepest human in the world. She is a world record freediver with a dive to 126meters on one breath. She also climbed the 7 summi … Continued

Nils von Matern

Nils von Matern

Nils von Matern Har jobbat med scenproduktion, TV, musik, events, artist och scen i snart 30 år som tekniker, manager, artistbokare, turnéledare. Jobbar idag som projektledare på KSE Gruppen AB och är … Continued

peder lamm

Peder Lamm

Peder Lamm is editor-in-chief of the life style magazine Connoisseur and famous TV personality in Sweden.


Robert Swan

Robert Swan is an advocate for the protection of Antarctica and renewable energy. Swan is also the founder of 2041, a company which is dedicated to the preservation of the Antarctic and the author wit … Continued

Miranda Jansson

Miranda Jansson Digital PR och Ambassador

Working with influence marketing and PR. Believe in the power of people and what we can do together to make this planet a better place. What you think you become. What you feel you attract. And what y … Continued

Bethanie Carney Almroth,

Bethanie Carney Almroth, Scientific scientist advisor

My name is Bethanie Carney Almroth, I have a PhD in ecotoxicology,and I am a lecturer at the University of Gothenburg  and I am a researcher and lecturer at the University of Gothenburg. My research f … Continued

Karin Funk AmazeOn Stage

Karin Funk

Singer Karin Funk grew up in Alingsås and is now based in Gothenburg. Her career has taken her all over the world as a leadsinger and artist in many acclaimed productions. She is in demand as a concer … Continued

Barney Swan

Barney Swan

Barney Biography Barney Swan was born in the United Kingdom, raised in tropical Far North Australia, and now lives and works in California. With degrees in Business and Multimedia, Barney co-directs 2 … Continued

Robert Swan

Robert Swan

Robert Swan Raised in Yorkshire, England, Robert Swan is the first person in history to walk to both the North and South Poles. After seeing first hand the effects of Climate Change, Robert has dedica … Continued

Liam Pitts

Liam Pitts

William Sutterland Remfry Pitts, Born in July 22, 2003, is a Swedish/ American ”youtuber”, actor and tv personality. At a very early age he realized the importance of ecosystems and the urge to save a … Continued

Liz Taylor

Liz Taylor

Liz Taylor has been involved with DOER Marine from its inception and became President and CEO in 1994.  In addition to general administration, she handles new business development, public- private par … Continued

Dr.Sylvia Earle

Dr. Sylvia Earle

Sylvia A. Earle, National Geographic Society Explorer in Residence Dr. Sylvia A. Earle, called Her Deepness by the New Yorker and the New York Times, Living Legend by the Library of Congress, and firs … Continued