The Perfect World Foundation held a “release party” to Save The Ocean at Malmöns Brygga (Malmöns Marina) on the Swedish west coast, it was fully booked and a great success!

Our fantastic Ambassadors Martin Stenmarck and Jan Rippe was keeping the heat up when they was making the evening in to another unforgettable night to save our habitat and animals. Durring the night Martin and Jan was accompanied by the fantastic singer Hanna Hedlund (Martin Stenmarcks fiancee), Mikael Myllie, Ulf Berggren, Peter Pote, Mattias Bylund, Martin Goodwin etc.

Durring the evening a small auction was held and after Martin Goodwin sold his personal Wine collection in favor of the Perfect World Foundation, the artists Christine Björk, Elisabeth Seth Rippe and Julian Lennon was donating some fantastic art pieces that was sold.

The staff at the restaurant Malmön-Brygga donated the tipp from the night and was contributing with USD 2.000 to Save The Ocean :-)


Thank you all for a fantastic night, and don´t forget that The Perfect World Foundation´s members will soon get a new chance to be invited to new adventures :-), Members only parties. Press here to become a member…


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