The Swedish Zoo, “Borås Djurpark”, this week announced that lions have been euthanized for several years because they have not enough space for the males in the pride, and because of the lack of interest from other zoo’s they had to be put down.

The CEO of “Borås Djurpark” says the lions are part of a breeding program and had to be killed, as the males became aggressive. He also says to TPWF that it would have been possible for the lions to be sent to Africa, but they never thought about that as an option. The Perfect World Foundation would have made everything in our power to help find the lions a home, even if it would have been to send them to a reserve in Africa.

As TPWF has many friends all over the world working with lion conservation projects, it is heart breaking to know that zoo’s in Sweden are killing healthy lions when our friends in Africa are dedicating their lives to save them. They are the real conservationists trying to make the lions survive in their right habitat. Not the Zoo’s saying they are breeding to save species, and as a result of “surplus animals” they are killing hundreds of healthy animals.

The big question from us animal friends is, does the lions really need zoo’s to survive, or is it the zoo’s that needs the lions…?

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