The Perfect World Foundation’s founders Mr and Mrs Jacobsson met with WildlifeDirect´s CEO, Dr Paula Kahumbu in Nairobi, Kenya last week. “We will do what ever we can to support this fantastic organization and the campaign Hands Off Our Elephants” says the founders.


WildlifeDirect is a Kenyan organization co-founded in 2004 by Kenyan conservationist Dr. Richard Leakey, who is credited with putting an end to the elephant slaughter in Kenya in the 1980s and delivering an international ban on ivory trade, and Hal Wackman, previous World Bank Country Director in Kenya.

WildlifeDirect is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya. WildlifeDirect is dedicated to “Changing minds, behaviour and laws to ensure Africa’s critical species endure forever.”

Hands Off Our Elephants, WildlifeDirects flagship campaign comprises a winning combination of expertise including wildlife ecologists, communications specialists, lawyers, politicians, media representatives, strategists, and linguists, making us bold, influential, and successful. This African led initiative is supported by Kenya’s First Lady, Her Excellency Margaret Kenyatta as patron. The campaign has already mobilized the public in Kenya and driven legal reforms in Kenya and East Africa. WLD partners with civil society, government agencies and is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative on elephants.


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