We are pleased to announce that The Ocean Ball  the 14 of September is already fully booked! We are extremely happy that so many of you want to help us save the ocean:)

If you have not already booked, there is the possibility to sign up on our waiting list here: https://theperfectworldfoundation.se/gala-middag-2017/

This year we will again have an auction of art and now also with the opportunity to make a preliminary bid for the artwork before the gala. This is another opportunity for those who can not attend to contribute while buying something nice. You will be able to see the artwork in the next few weeks and place bids here: https://theperfectworldfoundation.se/art-auction/

For those who are interested in participating in The Animal Ball 2018, we will open the booking shortly after this galan, so stay tuned, or send an email to info@theperfectworld.com to register your interest!

5 glada

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