As a business donor you have some different options. You could either choose to sponsor one of our events, or become a sponsor of the foundation. You can also make a “regular” donation. Read more below

Event sponsor

Almost all of our events need sponsoring by companies. Since we want as much of the collected funds to reach the cause, our sponsors need to pay for most of the costs. By sponsoring an event you get generous exposure of your brand (if you want to), both at our website and, of course, at the actual event and printed information material about the event. Every event has different levels of sponsorship, read more about each event (you find them under each project).

Foundation sponsor

The Perfect World Foundation also needs funds to run, the website must be updated and secure, the events need to be coordinated and much more. Since we want our collected funds to reach the cause we do not use it for our administration (if donated straight to the cause). But at the same time there is a lot of work and also some costs running the foundation. Therefor we have “Foundation sponsors”, companies that sponsor the entire foundation. You get generous brand exposure on our website and if you are a major sponsor, also in printed material about the foundation. To become a sponsor of the foundation.