Currently, our focus is on a rhino breeding organisation called Imire Rhino and Wildlife Conservation, located in Zimbabwe. The project has compiled a “wish list” of what they need to progress and expand, as well as run efficiently. If you would like to see the wish list or share it with someone that you think might be interested in fulfilling one of the “wishes” please contact us.

Below are some of the items on Imire’s “wish list” needed to continue the work they currently do, together with improving the security of the reserve and safety of their animals.

  • A dedicated vehicle for the Anti-Poaching Team (APT) and for Reserve staff. (Land Cruiser / Land Rover).
  • A tractor for reserve heavy-duty work.
  • Two motorbikes: to replace old ones used by staff running the project.
Communications equipment
  • Hand held radios for the APT.
  • GPS / satellite tracking for Anti-Poaching – specifically to enable the tracking of the white rhino.
  • PC / laptop computer for all game park work, data collection and research.
  • Satellite internet for Numwa House.
  • Two webcams and associated equipment for the rhino / elephant pens.
Solar equipment
  • Solar powered borehole for the reserve.
  • Solar panels to light the rhino pens at night.
  • Solar panels for webcams.
Other equipment
  • Tents, backpacks, camping equipment for the APT.
  • Electric fence for the 2x rhino boma’s.
  • Dura Wall for the 2x rhino boma’s.
  • Boma sheeting to erect a holding boma for animals requiring treatment or transportation.
Community projects

Sewing machines for the local women’s groups.

Gardening equipment and seeds for the local school’s garden project.

Ongoing donations and sponsorship
Game cubes

We use 3-5 tonnes of game cubes every month, costing around $2,000/month. These supplements are used mainly for the rhino, but also for the elephants, giraffe, zebra and plains game.

Rhino and elephant sponsorship

We would like to offer individual rhino and elephant sponsorship to people or businesses to cover the cost of their handlers, feed, night security, hay bales, pen maintenance, vet bills etc. Each rhino costs a minimum of $1,100.00 per month to keep.

Game cubes, handlers and security account for the vast majority of our monthly budget, leaving us with little to no spare money to save for or buy other equipment, working towards progress and expansion of the project.

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