Durring “The Elephant Ball” in Sweden, Dr Richard Leakey received the prize “The Fragile Rhino” from The Perfect World Foundation´s new “Global” Ambassador, Sarah, The Duchess of York.

500 people was gathered from all over the world, in Gothenburg, Sweden, when the organisation was paying extra attention to the ongoing extinction of Asian and African Elephants. Dr Richard Leakey was celebrated for his long and dedicated work to save the african elephants. Except for, close to 1.000 volunteers and 500 paying guests, Richard was celebrated by people from Kenya, like Dr Paula Kahumbu (CEO WildlifeDirect), Philip Murgor (Chairman WildlifeDirect), Agnes Murgor (Lady Justice), Joe Sang (Kenyan Ambassador) and his wife Betty Sang…etc.

Also the Asian Elephants was represented at The Elephant Ball by the London based organisation Elephant Family, represented by Sarah, The Duchess of York and Ruth and Mary Powys.



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