The first of November will become the date when the starting gun will sound throughout the world, and especially in India, for the Save The Elephants event 2015, the race on Rickshaws “Travels To My Elephant”, 50 km trough India with the ambition to silent the sounds of the Elephant poachers and the ongoing extinction. 90% of the Elephants have been extinct during the last 100 years.

30 Rickshaws, with plenty of famous “Found -Racers” and conservationists behind the steering wheels, including representatives from The Perfect World Foundation, the founders Ragnhild and Lars Jacobsson who is also Ambassadors for the host organization, the London based Elephant Family, will during 8 days travel trough India to raise awareness and fundings to save the Asian Elephants.

Actress Susan Sarandon, models Yasmin and Amber Le Bon, TRH Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie and Quintessentially Foundation principal Ben Elliot are just some of the many famous racers taking part of the team.

“Travels to my Elephant” is a race in more ways than one. It is a race to commemorate the spirit of adventure of the late and very great, Mark Shand, the founder of Elephant Family, and the reciver of The Perfect World Foundations Award “The Conservationist of The Years 2015”,  It is a race to Tara, his beloved elephant, and it is a race to save Asia’s endangered elephants.


“Travels to my Elephant is an insane, magical, crazy adventure. When I travelled to meet Tara in 1997 it was my very own magical mystery tour and one of the great moments of my life. What a be-fitting way to celebrate a man who did so much for these animals – save me a rickshaw!”

“Goldie Hawn”

The Perfect World Foundation have trough the year been supporting Elephant Familys fundraising event “Travels to my Elephant” where it has conducted a number of smaller events leading up to the closing event, namely the journey through India, with the ambition to raise a total of £1 million.


On The Streets of London durring the Summer of 2015, 20 Rickshaws designed by designers from all over the world have been raising awareness around the ongoing project.

Quintessentially Foundation and Elephant Family announce the launch of ‘Travels to My Elephant’ in association with Selfridges at Manchester Square, London, Britain on 1 Jun 2015.

At the Auction at Clearance House in London durring the late summer 2015, all the Rickshaws was sold and, close to £700.000 was raised.

elefant 1

The Perfect World Foundation have been holding a number of events both for awareness and fundraising, and durring the whole summer Elephants have been decorating one of the largest hotels in Europe, The Hotel Gothia Towers in Gothenburg, and approximately a millon turists have got he opportunity to take a closer look at the Elephants designed by different Artist.


One of the Elephants decorating the Hotel was painted with the special pattern an color, same as the one you find on the national symbol of Sweden, The “Dala- Horse” with the ambition to build a “Elephant helping” bridge between Sweden and India.


The Perfect World Foundation new Campaign logo for the purpose to Save the Elephants.

Travels To My Elephant Launch, Clarence House, London, UK

The Founders of The Perfect World Foundation becomes official Ambassadors for Elephant Family, and the Prince of Wales and Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall was durring the year appointed Presidents.

travels to my elephant

The late Mark Shand, the founder of Elephant Family together with is beloved elephant Tara.

Anantara's Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Camp near the Golden Triangle, Chiang Rai, Thailand.  A portion of the proceeds of print and download sales in the elephant gallery go to support the efforts of elephant rescue and conservation in Thailand. Thank you for supporting the Elephants of Thailand Project.

The last 100 years 90% of the Asian Elephant has been extinct, every 15 minutes a Elephant is killed for the Ivory, and we are facing a future where the next generation will not bee able to experience elephants. We need to join forces and stop “The Silent Extinction” of our paradise.

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