Bethanie Carney Almroth, Scientific scientist advisor

My name is Bethanie Carney Almroth, I have a PhD in ecotoxicology,and I am a lecturer at the University of Gothenburg  and I am a researcher and lecturer at the University of Gothenburg. My research focuses on how animals, mainly fish, are affected by environmental pollution. I study the effects of exposure to different classes of chemicals (for example, oil spills, sewage effluent and antifouling paint for boats), and more recently, I have studied the effects of microplastics and plastic chemicals on fish. I am driven by a love of the ocean, of fish, of nature, and by curiosity – I have always asked the questions – why? How? I love to inspire others, to expose them to the wonders of nature, but also to explain the different problems we have created, problems we need to solve. I have come to realize the extent of the damage we have caused and I am motivated by a wish to drive change and find solutions!

Miranda Jansson Digital PR och Ambassador

Working with influence marketing and PR. Believe in the power of people and what we can do together to make this planet a better place. What you think you become. What you feel you attract. And what you imagine you create. // Buddha

Nils von Matern

Nils von Matern Har jobbat med scenproduktion, TV, musik, events, artist och scen i snart 30 år som tekniker, manager, artistbokare, turnéledare. Jobbar idag som projektledare på KSE Gruppen AB och är i år ansvarig för scen och teknik på årets gala. ”Med rigorösa förberedelser och minutiös precision så är jag övertygad om att denna viktiga gala kommer bli succé i år igen.”

Martin Goodwin

Martin Goodwin   My interest in wildlife in general, and marine life in particural started in the early eighties when I learned Scuba diving as a teenager. I was totally fascinated and became passionate in every asepct regarding the underwater world. My biggest interest in life also became my profession, both as a commercial diver and diving instructor teaching divers in Sweden, The Red Sea, Thailand and mainly the Maldives where i spent several years literally under water. From the very start my goal as an instructor and guide was to teach my student and clients not only the techniques of diving but also how to interact with the delicate marine life without interfering or disturbing. It has has been a joy to see them explore the underwaterworld with curiosity and awareness, turning their fears of diving and the marine world in to anticipation and appreaciation.   Sadly however over these odd 35 years as a keen diver I have seen what negative impact mankind are having on the marine the life. Pollution, overfishing sharkfinning and global warming has devastated large portions of the underwater world. I’ve seen firsthand how plastics and waste has became a threat to marin wildlife, … Continued


Lars Jacobsson is co-founder and Chairman of The Perfect World Foundation, and has a background working successfully as an entrepreneur within the oil industry, when he in 2000 meet his wife and co-founder of The Perfect Word Foundation, Ragnhild “Rags” and decided to make a complete U-turn in life.

Emma Lindgren Press Team

Emma recently left the corporate world to pursue a dream of starting her own business. And ever since she stumbled upon The Perfect World Foundation at a dinner party in the end of 2015.. well.. she’s been hooked. Today she works with PR, media and writes a few press releases now and then. Emma is known for her fierce pen (a.k.a. witty Macbook fingers) and challenger mindset. But maybe most importantly – her true love for animals started in Singapore 1995, when she and her brother performed a Spice Girls cover to friends and family to raise money for a dog named Max they’d passed by at SPCA dog pound. One day, she’ll house hundreds of street dogs. But before then, she’ll just try to save the world first.

Gabriel Lazar

Gabriel is the perfect world foundation own ninja. it’s not often you see him. He works in the shadow diligently with PR and branding, with the ninja power to save the rhinos!

Gabriella Bengtsson

Gabriella travelled to Kenya together with her family at a young age and this experience made a huge impression on her. Such an amazing culture and such beautiful nature! This became the starting point for her great passion of exploring the world and the possibility to build bridges between diverse cultures. Travelling to different parts of the world is the best thing she knows and she is also convinced that it is an important thing to do in order to learn more about other countries and to find out what unfairnesses there are to fight. Through her work at Volunteer Travels and The Perfect World Foundation her mission is to inspire as many others as possible to go travelling, in order to get a wider perspective of life and to realize that we all share the same world and we need to take care of it together!Gabriella

Peter Pote

Peter Pote is a singer/songwriter and an international model from South Africa. He found love and relocated to the countryside in Sweden.