Martin Goodwin

Martin Goodwin   My interest in wildlife in general, and marine life in particural started in the early eighties when I learned Scuba diving as a teenager. I was totally fascinated and became passionate in every asepct regarding the underwater world. My biggest interest in life also became my profession, both as a commercial diver and diving instructor teaching divers in Sweden, The Red Sea, Thailand and mainly the Maldives where i spent several years literally under water. From the very start my goal as an instructor and guide was to teach my student and clients not only the techniques of diving but also how to interact with the delicate marine life without interfering or disturbing. It has has been a joy to see them explore the underwaterworld with curiosity and awareness, turning their fears of diving and the marine world in to anticipation and appreaciation.   Sadly however over these odd 35 years as a keen diver I have seen what negative impact mankind are having on the marine the life. Pollution, overfishing sharkfinning and global warming has devastated large portions of the underwater world. I’ve seen firsthand how plastics and waste has became a threat to marin wildlife, … Continued


Manuel has a background degree in marine biology and certified as an elite free diving instructor, his expertise in marine conservation issues and environmental monitoring offer an outstanding insight into the ocean realm. With over 10 years experience coordinating conservation projects and assisting research teams in and around the region has given him a solid background of the area and the vulnerable marine species that inhabit it.

Maria Book The ”OceanWildlife” blog.

Is working for The Perfect World. She is very passionated about everything concering our underwater world! Her love for ocean began at an early age, growing up in Saudi Arabia next to the Red Sea. At older age she began travelling and diving around the world to learn more about our marine heritage. She writes and post articles under The ”OceanWildlife” blog.

Rachel Baiocco

Rachel Baiocco, American born and raised, is a self proclaimed lover of all animals. She has always had a severe love for dogs and she used that passion to bring awareness to abused and neglected pets during her reign as Miss Delaware USA. Since her time competing for the title of Miss USA in 2013, she has met the love of her life, shark attack survivor, Paul de Gelder. She made the gigantic move to Australia and has had nothing but adventure ever since. Paul was lucky enough to partner up with Australia Zoo as a Wildlife Warrior ambassador and that really brought on Rachel’s passion for wildlife conservation, after seeing the beautiful animals there and the way the Irwin family cares for them. Since arriving in Australia she has also earner her dive certification and has had the pleasure of diving Julian Rocks, the Great Barrier Reef and many other places around Sydney. Being in this huge, foreign, underground world gave her a whole new appreciation for our oceans and its wildlife that many people tend to forget about. Also, being around the motivational powerhouse that is her boyfriend 24/7, gives her the reminder she needs that there are … Continued

Paul de Gelder

Ex Australian Army Paratrooper & Australian Navy Clearance Diver shark attack survivor Author No Time for Fear ASN sponsored motivational speaker & TV presenter. Paul de Gelder lost a leg and a hand when he was attacked by a 3m bull shark during a routine anti-terrorism training exercise off Garden Island four years ago “My first instinct was to slash at the shark’s eye, but as soon as I went to raise my right hand, I realized I couldn’t, the hand was gone and the shark had clamped its jaws over my wrist too. I then tried to jab it in the eye with my left hand, but on the angle it was holding me, I couldn’t reach. Instead, I madly lunged to heave its head off me, but that only served to push the teeth of its lower jaw deeper into my flesh” Read more in Paul de Gelders fantastic book “No Time For Fear”

Emma Casagrande

Born in Sweden, traveled to East Africa in 2007 and met very very randomly the love of my life, National Geographic cinematographer Andy Brandy Casagrande IV. All surrounded by the lions, hyenas & giraffes in the Serengeti, Tanzania. The passion for animals, travel, the world, different people and culture has always been a big part of my life but after meeting Andy, the travel frequency to amazing locations and amazing animals has definitely been taken to a higher level. Married to an Emmy Award winning cinematographer and having the fortune to be able to join on a majority of the amazing shoots, the interest and learning of photography has been coming very naturally and is now a big passion both technically and artistically. I love capturing the beauty in our world in both people and animals, everyone and everything has beauty. The love for sharks, ocean and underwater world is definitely a big part in my life. Spending a lot of time in the water with the animals. Luckily I never grew up with “Jaws” so I never had that terrifying fear for  sharks since childhood. Getting to know them from the beginning in their own environment  without any scary … Continued

Darren Andrew Whitehead

Member of the board at the Whale Shark Research Project Baja California, Mexico. He has spent the last 6 years working hands on with whale sharks at a number of unique and challenging aggregation sites around the world. With a master by research degree specializing in whale shark behaviour and the assessment of the anthropogenic impact on the species from tourism interactions, he has a vast understanding of the possible negative impacts from uncontrolled tourism. Experience with the species as a researcher and as a project leader for multiple whale shark programs has allowed him to gain an extensive premier scientific understanding of all biological studies of whale sharks and scientific monitoring techniques.

Volker Bassen

He is a highly trained scuba diving professional with 43 individual specialty courses completed in both PADI and SSI. Originally from Gothenburg, Sweden, Volker has opened 18 scuba diving schools in Kenya since he came in 1990. He’s trained countless Kenyans to become scuba diving professionals, many of them moving on to work all over the world. With over 6000 dives under his belt combined with his passion for marine biology, he has a profound knowledge about all things concerning our marine heritage. He resides in Diani Beach where he established the EAWST in 2005, together with his wife Nimu, in order to create awareness about the whale shark and threats facing them. Through his underwater film production company, Deep Vision Films, he inspires his viewers to become more active in marine conservation. His films have won several awards throughout the years.  

Mikaela Larsson CEO Assistant

Mikaela is a true animal friend and very dedicated to help animals in any crises. Team member since the early start and believe that together we have the power to change the world. She’s working with Social Media.